Diamondscull is a company where we enjoy responsible acting and interacting to line up to highest standards. Thanks to contacts to a broad range of people with different cultural backgrounds we deal with issues arising out of the economy, management, science or society.

We work to increase awareness of global issues – we strive to identify, discuss and promote new ideas and help transferring them into concrete projects and results. The outcome can be a new business field or food for thought for business partners.

Please find enclosed as examples some subjects and companies we deal with.

Glycemicon - for well-being and healthy living

Glycemicon AG is a Swiss biotechnology company developing novel products for the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels and better weight management, using new approaches that were initially developed at the University of Science & Technology ETH Zurich. The lead product is a naturally-occurring bile acid, THBA, which optimises the body fat architecture to maintain normal blood glucose homeostasis.

The Founders Kitchen

The founders kitchen invests in a portfolio of Israeli high tech companies with a focus on disruptive tech which facilitates consumer interaction, eleminate intermediaries or ease a current known process for speed of execution or lowering costs for consumer. It specially intends to disrupt inefficient markets and improve under-functioning services, focusing on BIG problems, saving customers time and money, while empowering them.

New Identity

Established in 2000 in Switzerland, New Identity Ltd. is a strategy and intelligence driven communications agency comprising advertising, corporate identity, architectural signage, brand development and contemporary design solutions. NEW ID is made up of a dedicated team of designers, writers and project managers committed to delivering smart and inspired solutions. The international experience of our team adds a necessary global perspective to all projects. NEW ID offers a complete range of creative services to both established brands and small start-up enterprises assisting companies in their entire professional performance.

The Camox fund

«Price is what you pay, value is what you get» – The Camox fund focuses on risk-managed stock picking in continental Europe, concentrating on small/mid caps in the Alpine countries. The first aim of the fund is to protect the money of the investor which is shown by its excellent performance through the financial crisis in 2008.

Yova - Invest for a better world

Yova is the leading platform for investing with a positive impact. Yova wants its investments to promote clean energy and equal rights,
without fueling climate change or the weapons industry. Yova wants to make sure our grandchildren, and yours, inherit a Planet Earth that is liveable.


The vascular bed inside the eye is an ideally located capillary bed. With the appropriate technology the capillary bed in the eye is accessible to quantification. OphtaMetrics’ technology offers the non-invasive measurement of physiological parameters through the human eye for a wide spectrum of medical and security applications.